Compression Therapy


Vein Disease 101

Venous disorders impact millions of Americans and millions more across the world, each day. Vein diseases are painful to live with and can often lead to more serious health conditions. However, they can be effectively managed with attentive care and compression therapy.


Lymphedema 101

Lymphedema impacts millions of people in the United States and occurs when your body cannot effectively transport lymph fluid. When transport is stopped and lymph fluid cannot drain properly, it causes swelling in that area of the body where drainage is blocked. Lymphedema has no known cure, but its symptoms can be managed.

JOBST® is here to educate you more about lymphedema because we believe it’s important for you to know as much as possible about the condition so that your symptoms can be managed effectively.


Wound Care 101

Lymphedema and venous disorders are serious conditions. Ignoring the symptoms of these disorders can lead to sores and wounds that can become infected, which leads to a wider range of issues that make the disorders more difficult to manage effectively, affecting your quality of life.


Gradient Compression

What is Gradient Compression?

JOBST® uses gradient compression in the garments we manufacture. Gradient compression has the greatest pressure at their base, and reduces pressure as the compression garment goes up the arm or leg. This helps encourage the movement of fluids, whether its blood circulation or lymph fluid circulation. The gentle pressure helps blood vessels and lymph vessels absorb fluids more easily, providing relief for tissues and reducing swelling.

Why Use Gradient Compression?

Gradient compression is one of the most effective ways to manage the swelling caused by lymphedema and venous disorders. JOBST compression garments help relieve pain and reduce swelling by preventing accumulation of swelling and helping counteract the tendency of the body to swell.

Stopping fluid build up also helps reduce your risk of infection and helps encourage fluid flow back to your heart. Gradient compression not only helps relieve symptoms, but can also help reduce risk of further complications.


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